Registering a domain name details

Registering your domain name requires you knowing the following:

    Only state government entities can register for domains with us.
    State government entities MUST register for a fourth-level domain under a state's third-level domain to the extent such an option is available (e.g. for Lagos state).
    Cities and townships may NOT register a local program/initiative, such as a local library, etc
    Cities and townships may denote the state abbreviation after the city or township name, preferably separated by a hyphen.
    Generic names are not allowed. (eg.  is not allowed).
    The domain name used must be short and easy to remember (e.g. instead of

Registration process
To register a, you would have to send a scanned letter on the letterhead of the ministry or state government parastatal that plans to register the domain name to The letter must contain the domain name to be registered (confirm that the domain of choice meets all criteria by sending a mail to with the proposed domain name before preparing this letter) and the name of the person authorized to register the domain. This authorized person must be working at the ministry and the following details should be stated in the letter

    Full name of the authorized person
    Email address
    Phone number
    Contact address

Once this has been sent, your request would be veted and NITDA would proceed to confirm that your request is genuine. It should take about 1 week for your domain to be registered and activated.
Feel free to send a mail to if you have any inquiries
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