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Payment Method, Managing your invoices and billings

Client dashboard (1)

How to utilize your hostnownow client account

cPanel (15)

Hosting account, Addon, subdomain, parked domain(alias), DNS zones(MX,TXT,CNAME, A records), cPanel Manual, account transfer, file upload, cPanel password, disk space, bandwidth

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How to manage Dedicated servers

Domain Names (15)

About Domain registration,transfer,Premium Domain, Addon Domain name, Sub Domain Name etc

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Webmail, Mail Troubleshooting, How to manage mail clients e.g Outlook and Thunderbird

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Make money with our reseller packages

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All you need to know about SiteLock Security

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How to use the Softaculous to install softwares and scripts

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All you need to know about SSL certificates

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How to install Wordpress, manage wordpress accounts

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