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28Aug, 2018

Hello, am Philomena its awesome you are here again today[smiles]well we
have a very interesting topic which is how web hosting and c-panel relates;
that is how they work together [hmmmmm!!! awesome]and this takes us to
knowing what the c-panel is all about:
C-panel is an online Linux based web hosting control panel that provides the graphical interface and automation tools designed to enable website owners to control the various aspects of websites and server administration through
standard web browser. In addition, C-panel is also the command line in the website that allows third-party software vendor and it is designed to function majorly either as a dedicated server as the case may be.
However, C-panel cannot be easily removed once installed. The best way to uninstall C-panel is by reformatting the server. Linux hosting companies uses C-panel while windows web hosting uses Plesk.
Well, that will be all for today. Kindly drop your comments and
recommendations. Until then ciao….

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