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25Jul, 2018


Hello, my name is Philomina, great to have you here. Today we would be discussing a very crucial and important topic in website management: BACKUPS!

As we might already know, depending on the functionalities of our websites, we have a need to occasionally update our websites or even make some form of upgrades, probably to increase the functions or to just make the site way cooler than it already is. Now we should know that the first rule of updates and upgrades is to be sure you have a BACKUP.


A backup can be referred to as a copy of the database and files that make up your entire website. Backups can be generally be referred to as storing your files and database safely and making it easily accessible. It can be stored either on your computer local hard drive or on a webhosting server.


The next question would be why do I need to back up my website, why is it important. Many people believe that once a site is secured, then backup is not necessary but backups are very important to revert to incase something goes wrong

Some common situations where a recent backup of your website could save the day are:

  • Your site gets hacked and information was stolen.
  • Your web host is unable to retrieve the older version of your site.
  • There is an issue during an update and your site’s content disappears.
  • You accidentally delete some important pages or posts.

Backups should be done frequently to avoid losing your entire website


I’m just gonna mention two ways to backup your website:

  1. Web Host Backups

With web host backups, your web hosting provider automatically backs up your website files and database.  Some companies actually carry out backups weekly. In this case, you don’t need to do a thing as the site is automatically backed up on the hosting server. Backups give you a peace of mind, knowing that your website files and database are safe and secure. If your site is compromised in any way, it can easily be restored.

  1. Backup Plugins

Plugins are very important to a site, it adds new features to your site. There are quite a number of plugins to help achieve this task, so you can just surf the net and choose which one is rated well and you can also use the Backup Buddy plugin to manage backups.

  1. Backing up to the cloud

Backing up to the cloud is the perfect place to keep your files and database safe. You can either use the Amazon S3, Dropbox, or the manual upload. See it this way; when you backup your files on a hardware, the hardware could crash and that’s it, but when you backup on the cloud, you only loose your files when the world ends…lol. Silly yeah, but true.

So, guys, that’ll be all gist I have for now. Let’s connect via the comments section by you dropping your opinions and recommendations concerning backups. Keep doing awesome stuff till we meet again. Adios

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