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29Aug, 2018


Hello! I am Philomina and its cool to have you here (smiles) and like we have
always been doing, today I would help you discover answers to these questions.

What does web hosting cost?
Web hosting is a very important guide for users who wish to learn majorly about
web site hosting. With this in mind, web hosting is a place where people or
individuals store their websites or rather it could be as a house were you store all
your stuffs (hmmmmm!!!).
In addition, web hosting refers to the company that rent out their servers to the
various clients in other to store their websites and provide internet connectivity
so that other users can have access to the files on the websites.
The question now is what does web hosting cost? Well, so far it seems that those
who ask this question often are obviously people who have not yet started a
website (smiles).
However, it is important to note that if one wants to do a commercial web host,
you would need to factor out the cost of web hosting as well. This is a monthly fee
you have to pay to the web host. Some hosting company may also offer discounts
if you pay a year (or more) in advance as the case may be.
Also, prices varies from time to time but sometimes those who are not salary
earners especially students who do not have means of earning profits and wants
to have their websites may sometimes have free access without charges (wow
Note, though, that sometimes there may be challenges using the free websites
without charges this could result to inaccessibility of the website. So, it is
important to know the price and cost of building your website. This would enable
you to know how to manage your website properly…….for now, that would be all.

For today please do me well by dropping your awesome comments via the
comments sections have a nice day !!!!

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