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31Jul, 2018


Hi, my name is philomina, good to have you here today. We would be discussing a very important topic on DOMAIN. It sounds cool right? ok guys let’s get going……..


A domain like we all know is an identity that defines the administrative control within the internet that is, it has certain rules that it specially works with in the internet. These rules are mostly formed by the Domain name system [DNS]

However, it is important to note that any name registered on the domain name system is already a domain name. This implies that domain names are used in various networking and also for specific naming and addressing purposes.

Registrations of these domain names are usually administered by domain name registrars who specializes in selling their services to the public. The registrars usually charged an annual fee for services of providing a domain name to its users. Often, this transaction is termed a sale or lease of the domain name and the registrar may sometimes be called an OWNER.  Hmmmm Awesome, but legal relationship is actally needed for this transaction to take place effectively. Okay guys I guess this sounds interesting and cool though.

However it is of paramount importance to know the process of registering a domain name and maintaining a stable authority over the new domain created. Here are some important keynotes associated with domain:

  1. ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT: The administrative contact has strongest level of control over a domain name, simply put management functions assigns authority to the administrative contacts which may include management of all business information.
  2. TECHNICAL CONTACT: The technical contacts helps in managing the names servers of a domain name. The main function of a technical contact is to configure the domain name with the requirement or registry and maintaining domain record and also helping to provide stable functionality of the server for effective use.
  3. REGISTRANT CONTACT: This consist of the personal details such as name, address, phone numbers and emails of the registrant.

Ok guys, that would be all for now. Don’t forget to drop your comments via the comments sections by dropping your opinions and awesome recommendations concerning domains.

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