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10Sep, 2018


Welcome, i’m Philomina and it’s amazing having you here today. Well,  we have a very  interesting topic before us which is WHY DOMAIN IS IMPORTANT.
Although the domain might not be a strange topic to us and to some,  they may need a better understanding as to why it is important and also a necessity to enhance our business(hmmmm!!) This now answer the question of why we need a domain name and it could otherwise be the importance of domain name to our
However, in understanding the importance of domain we need to, first of all, know what a domain is all about: A domain name is your website name, that is the address where the internet users can access your website. SO, NOW YOU KNOW WHAT A DOMAIN NAME IS…

The importance of domain cannot be over-emphasized in the sense that domain plays a very vital role in web development since the domain name is your unique identity that helps basically to portray the image of your business. Any individual, business or organization planning to have an internet presence should invest in the domain name. This means, having your own name, website, and email addresses will give you and the business more professional look. Also, another reason for a business to register a domain name is to protect copyrights and trademarks and to build credibility increase brand awareness and search engine positioning. OK COOL, NOW YOU KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF A DOMAIN NAME……..

There are basically two ways you can acquire or get a domain name .you can either register your domain name yourself or you can get your web host on the internet service provider to register it for you for example Moreso, it is important to know that registering your domain name yourself you would need to choose a registrar (an accredited domain registration company that specializes in domain registration) so the important part now is trying not to loose your domain name because it will totally loose your brand identity online and that wouldn’t help your business especially a growing business.
Oh yea!!! that would be all for now, please don’t forget to kindly drop your contributions and questions via the comments sections and yes I will be waiting for
ya…see you dia!!!

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