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How To Move WordPress File to the Public_Html

Hey!!!!!! It’s a beautiful Wednesday. I hope we have been learning from each article so far.

The topic on our table is a really simple topic that many of us know but find it tricky and difficult to do in our Control Panel which is moving the files in wp folder to the public_html folder, to understand better instead of accessing my domain as ‘domain/wp’ why don’t i access it as domain name and see the WordPress files I upload. Below are the steps to moving WP contents from the WP file to the Public_html:

  • Login to Control Panel. (Note: A hosting plan must have been purchased to enable you to have access the Cpanel).
  • From the main cPanel area, look for the Files category and then click on the File Manager tool. At the top-left of the menu click Settings In the Preferences window that appears, select the checkbox entitled Show Hidden Files.
  • Once inside the File Manager, you will want to navigate to the folder you have the WordPress site in. For example, a folder named WordPress.
  • You will see a list of all the WordPress files and folders in the right-hand panel. Highlight them all and click on the Copy icon from the menu toolbar across the top of the page.
  • A popup will appear so you can enter the destination folder. Continuing with our WordPress folder example, it should show as public_html/WP. Remove the /WP from the destination path so that it simply displays as public_html. Click the Copy Files button.
  • This will copy the files up to the public_html folder. Use the File Manager to navigate back to the public_html folder. (You can do this by clicking on the Up One Level button from the toolbar across the top of the right-hand panel.). You should now see the same files as you have in your WordPress folder. You can proceed to delete the old WordPress folder.

I hope you have learned something today are you are able to practice it easily. Please drop your comments, observations, suggestions below.  See you all next week, I love you all!!!!!!!!.

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