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25Sep, 2018


Hello Blogfam   guess we learnt alot from our previous blog .thanks for always checking.So, today we are going to be treating another topic which is MAPPING A DOMAIN TO BLOG…

Instead of your blog to load a blog spot ,for example(, it can load a domain extension on its own ( doing this, you can purchase a domain name( also your CNAME record .

However, to generate your CNAME record, Take the following steps:

  • Login to blogger and update the information on your settings/basic tab
  • Find the area for publishing and click the link to add a custom domain(chosen domain)
  • Then, click on switch to advanced settings
  • Enter the URL for your custom domain i.e were your domain refers you to your domain excluding the www) in the text box provided and click save.
  • Once the CNAME record is generated, you will be assisted in mapping your domain to your blog.

Just as simple as you think fam…kindly drop your comments, contributions and inquries. For further assistance, kindly send a mail to( support@hostnownow) for now byeee

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