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28Sep, 2018


Welcome and nice having you here today, its really been amazing knowing you having been reading our previous, today we shall be discussing a very crucial and important topic on the need to secure our websites .It is important we now and understand the meaning of SSL before knowing how it works and why it is needed.

SSL are small data files that digital bind a cryptographic key to an organizations details .I.e when installed on a web-server, it activates the padlocks and instantly allows secure connections from a web server.However, SSL is used basically to secure data transfers and logins and in recent times ,data transfers and logins .

In recent times ,SSL is becoming the norm when one intends to secure the browsing of social media sites.SO,THIS IS WHY YOU NEED SSL An organization for instance needs to install SSL onto its web servers to initiate a secure sections with browsers. Once, this is done, it therefore means all secure connections is established ,that is all web traffic or activities between the web server and the web browser will be secure.

More so, when the SSL is successfully installed on your server ,the application protocol(which is also known as HTTP) will change to HTTPS ,were the S” stands for secure .well, it depends on the type of SSL that is purchased and the browser you are surfing the internet on, it will automatically show a padlock on the browser which  shows when you visit a site that as an an SSL installed. Also, SSL protects your sensitive information from hackers, and it also: Improves conversion rates Builds/Enhances customers trust Keeps data and other relevant information secured It increases google ranking O yea!!! That’s all for today, for now kindly drop your comments and contributions via the comments sections until then bye.

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