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11Oct, 2018


Hello Blogfam, thanks for always visiting our blog and contributing your opinion to our posts. Now the question today is HOW CAN YOU REDIRECT YOUR DOMAIN NAME? so, today we will be learning a few steps on how this can be achieved without much stress.

Well, like we know domain isn’t strange or new to us again this simply put is that when you register a domain, you get a web address but not a website{this is something you would need to build}so this, therefore, means while you have domain and choose not to use it for website, you cant have website without a  domain.

And then, the logic goes like this ,if you want to get started online and you have picked a name, you will first need to register your name, then build your website and find a good hosting company to enable you to complete the task without further stress and that  would make your site very visible on the web and people can access it.

However ,To learn how to redirect a site, follow the steps below:

  • Change the name servers of the new domain name to point to the the primary hosting account
  • Then, wait for for the changes made to propagate
  • Login to your C-panel, click on redirect under domains click on domain name from the drop down
  • Add the domain name/URL you wish to redirect
  • The parked domain name will be redirected to the main site which is also the primary domain name.

Guess that was quite simple to learn? so, that would be all for today and our next post would be very unique as well. Will be waiting for your comments and contributions until then see ya

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  • jeje

    11 Oct, 2018

    Please i wish to know more about this.. Wanna know more about the cost implication

    • Philomina Akiotu

      11 Oct, 2018

      To Redirect your domain, you would need to purchase a hosting account( which gives access to Cpanel where you can redirect your domain

  • Oladimeji

    11 Oct, 2018


    • Philomina Akiotu

      11 Oct, 2018

      thanks, we appreciate this!

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