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What is Hospital Management System? HMS is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital’s operation, such as medical, administrative, financial, and legal issues and the corresponding processing of services.

Aim of Hospital Management System

Hospital Management Systems provide a common source of information about a patient’s health history. The systems have to keep data in secure place and controls who can reach the data in certain circumstances. These systems enhance the ability of health care professionals to coordinate care by providing a patient’s health information and visit history at the place and time that it is needed. Patient’s laboratory test information also visual results such as X-ray may reachable from professionals. HMS provides internal and external communication among health care providers.

The HMS may control organizations, which is Hospital in these case, official documentations, financial situation reports, personal data, utilities and stock amounts, also keeps in secure place patients information, patients medical history, prescriptions, operations and laboratory test results.

The HMS may protect organizations, handwriting error, overstock problems, conflict of scheduling personnel, and official documentation errors like tax preparations errors.


  1. MULTI-USER ACCOUNT SYSTEM: Access for 8 types of account
  2. RESPONSIVE USER INTERFACE: It will run on all types of devices seamlessly
  3. DEVELOPER SUPPORT READY: Dedicated developer support is available anytime
  4. RTL SUPPORT: Supports right to left text alignment
  5. NOTICEBOARD SCHEDULE: Easily creates notices and show them in event calendar
  6. APPOINTMENT MANAGEMENT: The doctor can create and manage appointment with patients.
  7. PROFILE SYSTEM: Edit profile settings as you wish
  8. APPOINTMENT SCHEDULE: View all appointments at a glance in calendar view
  9. SMS NOTIFICATION: Patients get notified by sms after appointment approval
  10. APPOINTMENTS FILTERING: Receptionists are able to filter appointments based on doctors and time periods for ease of access
  11. PRESCRIPTION AND DIAGNOSIS REPORTS: The doctor assigns prescriptions and diagnosis reports to patients.
  12. MEDICAL REPORTS MANAGEMENT: Manage medical reports such as operation, birth or death reports
  13. MEDICATION HISTORY: View entire medication history of patients
  14. APPOINTMENT APPLICATION: Patients can apply for appointment with a doctor
  15. BED ALLOTMENT AND BLOOD BANK MANAGEMENT: All beds/wards, blood bank, blood donor status can be managed efficiently.
  16. MEDICINE MANAGEMENT: Pharmacist can manage all medicine
  17. INVOICE MANAGEMENT: All invoices and payment information are managed by the accountant
  18. INTERNAL MESSAGING: Private messaging between patient and doctor
  19. BEST QUALITY AT LOWEST PRICE: Comprehensive hospital management software installed, configured and administer at the lowest price.
  20. HIGLY SECURED: Secured against security threats such as Sql-Injection, xss attack etc.




The Admin can view all departments and member of staffs. He can create and delete any staff at any point. The admin privilege is a critical role because he has access to a lot of information including the financial status of the hospital.



The doctors can accept appointments from Patients fix appointment with patients and also use internal messaging to communicate with patients. They record prescriptions giving to each patient and can allot bed to patients. They also have access to the blood bank to check availability whenever there is need for blood transfusion for a patient.



Unlike the power possessed by the doctors, the nurses don’t have access to appointments or the right to prescribe medicine but they have the right to monitor Patient’s health progress and check the beds/wards. They also have access to blood banks and can generate their reports when necessary to check out progress made.


Every drug available in the hospital is recorded by the pharmacist and the categories are also clearly stated in order to help achieve easy classification and avoid the challenge of accessing drugs that have similar names.


A question people might want to ask is! Why didn’t we include test results in the laboratory profile? The simple answer is that test results are sensitive documents that must not leak to the hands of just anyone except between the patient and the doctor. The laboratory scientist therefore doesn’t have the right to put patients test result in any of the profile but will be given as document to the right individuals when needed.

But he/she will be able to input the data of blood donors and also available blood samples in the blood bank for record purposes and easy accessibility by the doctors and nurses when needed.


The receptionist has access to check patients’ appointments and know the doctors on call. They also have access to see the notifications sent to the members of staff.


The accountant’s major duty is to create invoice and enter all payment data on the portal. This is done in order to give room for the admin to be able to see the revenue progress in the hospital and as well be able to make managerial plans and decisions. The accountant will also have the access to check out notifications also.


The patient has access to the following: He can book appointments and check his drug prescriptions. The patient can also check the doctors in the hospital in order to book appointment with any of them if need be. She/he also has access to the blood bank in order to be aware of available blood samples in the laboratory. He/she has access to his/her medical history, operation history, and invoice and can send private messages to the doctors.


You will need one or more local systems, internet services etc. The software is designed to enhance communication with patients and staffs of the hospital. It is therefore designed to work on any smart device like ipad, tablets, phones etc.


It is software that requires continuous update and maintenance of database which means it is like our electricity and water supply which requires continuous monthly payment in order to keep the service running and it is made to be very much affordable on a monthly basis. This fee shall be discussed in detail with our team members as soon as we come around for further presentations before we install and configure the software to run online and offline and as well as provide continuous maintenance.