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12Jun, 2019

Features of the Cpanel(7)

Hey!!!!!! Good to be here…. it ‘s Democracy Day and am having lots of fun, I hope your day has been fun too. To spark, the rest of the day lets talk about the Advanced module and Preference Module in the Cpanel. I hope you grab something from this article after reading.


The section functions for the advanced users. These modules include:

  • Apache Handlers: The interface controls how the Apache web server manages certain file types and extensions on your site.
  • Cron Jobs: This section automates commands or scripts on your site to run at a specific time. For instance, deleting of files during the week.
  • Error Pages: This section configures messages in order to inform the visitors that the web server cannot access your site.
  • Indexes: This icon is used to customize the way in which directories display when a visitor tries to access them.
  • MIME Types: It configures how the Cpanel relays information to the browser about how to handle specific file extensions.
  • Track DNS: The Interface looks up the IP address and traces the route from your computer to your web server.




The section helps you to customize the layout of your Cpanel installation to make it better to fit your needs. The modules include:

  • Password & Security: This is to change the Cpanel password and manage External Authentication accounts.
  • Change Style: this icon chooses the style which the Cpanel interface will display.
  • Change Language: The interface selects the language in which the Cpanel interface displays.
  • Contact Information: This Interface helps you configure every details and notification.
  • User Manager:  This section adds, manages, and deletes the subaccounts. It also helps you in linking service accounts to subaccounts and to manage each subaccount’s access to email, FTP, and Web Disk

I hope you gained something from the write-up and you are able to make good use of it in your Control Panel. Do have a nice day ahead and enjoy the rest of your day.

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  • Taofeeq AZEEZ

    18 Jun, 2019

    I love these series.

    Wonderful knowledge sharing and expositions.

    But I’m of the inner opinion that some of these could still be broken further down, and explained more in-depth.

    Once again, thanks for sharing.

    Thumbs up!

    • Tofunmi May

      19 Jun, 2019

      Thank you for the kind words, We will look into the topics and keep you entertained.

  • abcooz

    18 Jun, 2019

    I like this post, this is very informative and helpful for me
    regard: Abcooz

    • Tofunmi May

      19 Jun, 2019

      Thank you for the kind words, we hope to keep you entertained always.

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