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20May, 2019

Features of the CPanel(5)

Hi everyone, thank God for the blissful Monday, trust the day went well.

Still talking about the features in the Cpanel, today we will be looking at the Security module and how to use the tools in the module.


Security is a big concern when storing sensitive information like passwords or financial information. The module helps to monitor the security settings for the hosting account. The modules include:

  • Hotlink Protection: This menu prevents hotlinks to your websites thereby prevents someone from direct linking of your images to another website and, as a result, consuming your hosting account bandwidth.
  • IP Blocker: This particular tool prevents the access to your site from different IP addresses, with the help of this tool you can block a wide range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site.
  • Leech Protection: This interface sets the maximum number of login per time. It allows you to control whether users can give out or publicly post their passwords for restricted areas of your site. It can also be used to redirect compromised accounts to the URL of your choice, or suspend them.
  • SSh Access (Secure Shell): This tool connects to the server remotely through the command line and it generates an access key for your account in order to connect using SSH keys on the server.
  • SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security): The Interface manages SSL/TLS certificates, signing requests, and keys to improve the security of your website.

I hope you have learned something today. Don’t forget to drop your comments, observation, suggestions in the box below. See you next Monday and have a great week ahead.

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