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02May, 2019

Features of The Cpanel (3)

Hi there, I hope the week is going well. Today we will be looking at the Email module in the Cpanel. Sometimes we find it difficult to know which icon helps in clearing spam emails.  Please sit back read through and add your comments, suggestions, addition, and observations in the box below.


This section allows you to administer and manage your emails. Common modules include:

  • Email accounts: allows you to manage the email account for your domains.
  • Email Routing: this is used to route the domain’s incoming mail to the server.
  • Default address: it is used to set up a default address.
  • Track Delivery: It reviews and traces the email delivery route.
  • Email Filters: It creates email filters for a specific email address.
  • Address Importer: used to import files in order to create multiple emails.
  • Encryption: is used to configure GnuPG.
  • Email Disk Usage: the interface views all the mailboxes and removes old emails.
  • Forwarders: it allows you to forward send emails from one address to another.
  • Autoresponder: It enables you to send automated emails to anyone.
  • Mailing lists: the interface creates a single address to send emails to multiple email addresses.
  • Global Email Filters: This creates the email filters for all of the cPanel account’s email.
  • Email Deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes.
  • Spam Filters: it configures the Apache to filter, identify, classify the emails.
  • Box Trapper: it protects the inbox from spam.

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