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16Sep, 2019



Happy new week!!!!.. I hope we had a splendid weekend. Lately, the issue of Cpanel hike in price and Direct admin has been going everywhere and it is quite clear that some of us don’t understand how the Direct admin works. Well, today we will be talking about the benefit of Direct admin.

Direct Admin is a graphical web-based designed to make administration of websites easier as it is powerful And easy to use. Direct Admin is often called DA for short and it is compatible with several version of Linux. Below are the reasons why you should choose Direct Admin:

  • Flexibility:  The Direct Admin has been designed to be flexible and user-friendly for easier access to its control panel.
  • Speed: The direct admin is not only flexible it is also programmed to be the fastest running control panel available and compatible.
  • Price: With your site administered on Direct admin it is absolutely free (i.e it comes at N0)   as the the hosting price remains the same.
  • Accessibility: The web administrator is easily accessible to access your domain name via direct admins below is the link to use:

You can enter any of the following preferred URL to access the Direct Admin Panel.

Option 1:
If you are well known with your server hostname then it is the best option.
Option 2:
Option 3:
1. Then Enter your Panel username
2. Enter your password
3. Click Log in.

For further clarity please preview the demo via the link

I hope you gained something today, please drop the comments, observation and suggestions in the box below, do know that all comment will be addressed.

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