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11Jul, 2019

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

Hey there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Thursday, I hope the week went well, for me it has been educating and I will be sharing part of what I learned this week and that is differentiating between HTTP and HTTPS. I hope you find this educating too.


HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol: 

When you load your site with HTTP:// in your address bar in front of the domain, this tells the browser to connect over HTTP. The HTTP uses TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), generally over port 80, to send and receive data packets over the web. Simply put it is a protocol that’s used by a client and server which allows you to communicate with other websites. The client sends a request message to an HTTP server (after the TCP handshake) which hosts a website, the server then replies with the response message. The response message contains completion status information, such as “HTTP/domain name”.

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (also referred to as HTTP over TLS or HTTP over SSL):

When you enter HTTPS:// in your address bar in front of the domain, it tells the browser to connect over HTTPS. Generally, sites running over HTTPS will have a redirect in place so even if you type in HTTP:// will redirect to deliver over a secured connection. HTTPS also uses TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) to send and receive data packets, but it does so over port 443, within a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS).  Using this secures your site at all times, boost your confidence in your website, allows you to use the Google rank searching also improves the security on mobile devices. On the other had to achieve this you have to pay for the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) before your site gets secure.

I hope we have also learned something today. Please drop your comment, observations, suggestions in the box below. See you all next week…

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