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How to Delete The Under-construction Page

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!. so good to be here again….. I hope the week is going well.

Today we will be talking about something really simple and might be tricking sometimes and that is Deleting the Underconstruction Page.

The under-construction page is the page that displays when your site is visited, after propagation of your domain name. After hosting a new website the first thing you see on the browser is the under-construction page before the contents are being uploaded.

To delete the under construction page please follow the steps below;

1. Log into cPanel.

2. Click on File Manager and then open the file manager

3. Open the Public_html folder.

4.┬áRight click on “index.html” and click the delete button.

Once deleted, you should be able to see the actual contents of your site which you would have uploaded when you refresh your page.

I hope we learned something today. Don’t forget to drop your comments, observation, suggestions in the box below. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the week.

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