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Get Ahead with the web based application CompanyPro: We help you focus on your employee while you focus on being productive through seamless onboarding of your data and employee, understanding your employee behavior by creating intelligent reports, performance management and goal alignment across departments and teams to keep your work process flexible and transparent.



No trainings required to use the system, Its fast to deploy and easy to manage.


Attend to request and other actions as soon as they are made, the system process actions real time!


The system is built to adapt to different organisations work flow and is customizable to fit your needs.


You and your employees will find CompanyPro easy to use, transparency yields productivity

Smart Reminder

Never forget what you have left to do, with our smart alerts and reminders



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1. Employee Database feature just got better.

CompanyPro’s employee database feature turns tedious HR paperwork into seamless and simpler processes. CompanyPro’s employee database feature is Awesome! With Employee Self Service, Manager view, customizations, and absolutely fabulous reports, it’s no wonder it saves your human resource team so much time and money.


  1. Real-time:
    Get your data anytime, anywhere… you just need the Internet. Access employee database records, company files, employee files, and more. Get exactly the right data exactly when you need it.
  2. Manage Employee Records:
    The employee database feature is built specifically to make tracking HR information such as personal data, employee training, job responsibilities, Leave, contact information, documents and much more. Easily import or create employee records, and then customise them to perfection by adding your own unique information screens. Finding and editing staff files is easy, and you can even keep leavers on the system for future reference. Plus, you get unlimited document storage at no extra charge, meaning you can completely eliminate paper records.
  3. Customizable Employee Database:
    Customization of your human resources information system is easy! Set up your systems in a way that’s perfect for you. Finally, an employee database software that doesn’t give you a headache, but takes the headache away.

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2. Employee Self-Onboarding (Onboarding Done Right and fast)

Self-Onboarding- CompanyPro’s employee self-onboarding provides an easier and more efficient way of getting data off your employee, either newly hired or while implementing the system.

It is a way to get new hire’s personal data and completed forms in the most efficient way. Your new hires will experience onboarding that focuses on their success, not the paperwork. With the extra time self-onboarding offers, you can focus on your new hires by getting to know them better, sharing the company culture, doing on-the-job training and helping them understand how their unique role fits into your company’s overall success.

Painless Data Entry– Enabling existing or new employees to enter their own information into the system is simple for them and reduces errors. Forms can be filled out, signed and stored online. All of this can all be completed before implementation deadline or new hire’s first day on the job.

Organization– The new hire packet will keep you organized, ensure new hires have key cards and have signed necessary documents. Now you can take care of other onboarding functions that will make your new hire’s experience with your company successful.

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3. Performance Management.

Performance management is all too often thought of as a chore – something you do every 12 months and a box to tick to keep your boss happy but it could and should be so much more. Of course, performance management deals with the less pleasant side of performance it can also be used as a great way of detecting, nurturing and rewarding great performances. It can also make a real difference to employee morale and engagement if the process is valued and treated with respect by all parties.

Within CompanyPro, we offer a wide range of performance management tools ranging from traditional reviews through 360 feedback, goals and more. Using our form builder, you can build your own custom performance management forms allowing you to capture whatever information you need and you can get your employees involved too via Self service so they can fill in their part of the form and then sit down with their manager to review and discuss.

Performance reviews –
Reviews are the centre of most performance management processes – most often the manager discusses the employee’s performance with them and then captures the results on a form which is then stored in the employee file.
For companies who have simple performance management requirements or those who don’t currently have a form we offer an inbuilt form which allows you to score the employee against metrics like attendance, attitude, punctuality and so on as well as add some custom questions yes no or open question which make up your performance review.
For others, where there is a requirement for more complete review forms, we offer a form builder which allows you to build your own performance management forms (you can build as many as you like and can even link them in the case where your review is made up of more than one form). You can add as many fields as you like including dropdowns with custom answers as well as capture scores and text. In addition, you can invite the employee to fill in specific fields via Self service so the employee can complete their part first as a self assessment or self evaluation before completing the review with their manager.In both cases, you can also create a review schedule which will send reminders to the employee and manager as well as appearing on their calendars. You can use this for a one off review (for example, arrange a review for next month) or you can also set up recurrence allowing you to schedule a review every month for 6 months, for example.

Goals and goal library –
In addition, to reviews you can add goals which can then be assigned to employees. These goals can either be unique to each employee or you can add goals for a department which can then be used for multiple employees. The employee then has the ability to access their goals via Self service and update their progress.

Reinventing the Performance Experience –
Performance management doesn’t have to be painful. CompanyPro’s performance-management tool isn’t just a reworked version of outdated performance reviews, it’s reinventing the entire experience. Performance management is more than just checking a box; it’s cultivating culture and inspiring employee growth. Stop doing performance reviews, and start managing people. Each employee can login and work directly with their own line manager, plus there’s the option to request employees to review themselves, while the HRM gives an overall recommendation. You can track progress in real-time, and even compare year-on-year progress using charts and league tables.

Make It Simple –
Managing performance should be an everyday experience with ongoing guidance and frequent recognition. Not a major project. CompanyPro makes performance easy to manage by automating frequent check-ins with employees that report how engaged and challenged they are. You can impact performance today.

Accurate Reflection –
How are employees performing this month, this week, or even today? Not six months ago or last year. Don’t wait months for the next scheduled performance review to bring up an issue or reward an employee. Details will be lost or seem irrelevant and won’t accurately reflect performance. Feedback should be timely and frequent.

Inspire & Motivate –
Don’t lose a chance to motivate and inspire employees today or help support their long-term goals. Performance management isn’t just about helping companies anymore; it’s time to focus on employees. Helping employees set goals and following up often will get them on their way to successful careers—and companies.

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4. Intelligent Report

Businesses make better decisions when they have the right information and when those decisions are people related then it is down to your HR system to provide the data you need.

CompanyPro offers quick and easy access to your employee at the click of a button

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5. Company Archive

Hopefully, your office and your desk doesn’t look quite that bad but, despite the promise of a paperless office for the last 20 years, we have never quite been able to get there!

Filing cabinets and archive boxes are still the mainstay of so many small businesses and HR departments – aside from the space they take up, the biggest issue caused is when you need to try and find something. Where do you even start? Human resources seems to generate more than its fair share of paperwork – from letters of offer to contracts, employee handbooks, policies and procedures, disciplinary documents, reference requests and so the list goes on.

Within CompanyPro, we have two different classifications of documents – Company documents and Employee documents.

Company documents Company documents are common documents which are intended to be view by a large number of people – for example, policies and procedures would fit into the category of Company documents.
You can create categories within Company documents allowing you to categorise your documents and, whilst company documents are designed to be viewed by many, there are scenarios where you may not want this to be the case. For example you might have documents that you only want employees in Finance to be able to view or different policies and procedures on different sites. To faciliate this, you can restrict access to a Company document folder to a site or department level meaning you can choose who can view which folder and the documents therein.
Additionally, you may have documents you want to share with all employees. For example, you might publish a new Health and Safety policy and require everyone to view the document.

Document Storage? Included!
Want to store records? such as Health forms, discipline records, performance assessments, certifications, drivers licenses and more they can be stored with the Doc. Archive. Share documents like employee handbook through the Employee Self Service. It’s that easy.

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6. Employee Self Service

Self service is now considered one of the absolute must haves for a human resources application. Using self service, you can allow your employees to maintain their own personal details, request time off, trainings etc and then allow their manager to audit and approve the requests without ever needing to come to HR or to submit any more pieces of paper

Using CompanyPro employees are able to administer their own personal data and bank details as well as request time off, submit timesheets and view their goals and training. Optionally, you can also allow them to view their performance reviews and warnings.


You will need one or more local systems, internet services etc. The software is designed to enhance communication with customer and staffs of the company. It is therefore designed to work on any smart device like ipad, tablets, phones etc.


It is software that requires continuous update and maintenance of database which means it is like our electricity and water supply which requires continuous monthly payment in order to keep the service running and it is made to be very much affordable on a monthly basis. This fee shall be discussed in detail with our team members as soon as we come around for further presentation before we install and configure the software to run online and offline and as well as provide continuous maintenance. Kindly reach us for further enquiry.