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08Aug, 2019


Hey!!!!!!!!!! Tofunmi is here again, I hope we have been good, I hope we are getting prepared for Salah (smiles). Let’s leave that gist for now and discuss today’s topic. We will be talking about something that is very simple but seems tricky to us and that is changing the PHP version and increasing the upload_max_size in the Cpanel.

To change the PHP version in the Cpanel, Please follow the steps below;

Login to your Control Panel ( after getting the hosting and domain name of your preferred choice on

Navigate to the Software module, click on Select PHP Version.

Click on the Dropdown to chose the preferred version of PHP.

then click on Switch To PHP Options.

Click on each dropdown to change the sizes.

As soon as this is done, your PHP version is increased and the upload_max_size is increased. I hope this was quite simple and straightforward.

Please put your comments, observation, questions, and suggestions as they will all be attended to.  I hope to see you all next week. Happy Salah in advance.

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