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14Aug, 2019

Common Online Errors And How To Identify Them.

Hello there, how was our Sallah break, I hope it was splendid, well mine was fun-filled let’s save the gist and talk about the todays’ topic. We will be discussing common internet errors and how to identify them. Let’s take a random domain say (note it must have been registered and hosted) there are cases where you encounter a variety of errors when accessing […]

How To Move WordPress File to the Public_Html

Hey!!!!!! It’s a beautiful Wednesday. I hope we have been learning from each article so far. The topic on our table is a really simple topic that many of us know but find it tricky and difficult to do in our Control Panel which is moving the files in wp folder to the public_html folder, to understand better instead of accessing my domain as ‘domain/wp’ […]

How to Delete The Under-construction Page

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!. so good to be here again….. I hope the week is going well. Today we will be talking about something really simple and might be tricking sometimes and that is Deleting the Underconstruction Page. The under-construction page is the page that displays when your site is visited, after propagation of your domain name. After hosting a new website the first thing you see on […]

02May, 2019

Features of The Cpanel (3)

Hi there, I hope the week is going well. Today we will be looking at the Email module in the Cpanel. Sometimes we find it difficult to know which icon helps in clearing spam emails.  Please sit back read through and add your comments, suggestions, addition, and observations in the box below. Emails: This section allows you to administer and manage your emails. Common modules […]

23Apr, 2019

Features of the Cpanel (2)

Hi everyone, trust our break was splendid. Today we will be looking at the database module in the Cpanel and their various uses   Databases: The Database module is the section designed for creating the database and managing the information stored in them. The database stores post, create databases, create users for those databases, add users to databases, and specify the permissions each user should have […]

18Apr, 2019

Features of The Cpanel (1)

Hi everyone, we apologize for the long break. We are back and better with so much excitement and information to share, stay with me as we journey through. Many times, we check through the cpanel and we do not understand what some of the features entail. Say no more as today we will be looking at the file module in the cpanel.   Files: The […]

10Sep, 2018


Welcome, i’m Philomina and it’s amazing having you here today. Well,  we have a very  interesting topic before us which is WHY DOMAIN IS IMPORTANT. Although the domain might not be a strange topic to us and to some,  they may need a better understanding as to why it is important and also a necessity to enhance our business(hmmmm!!) This now answer the question of why […]

16Mar, 2018

.Gov.Ng Domain Registration

Procedure for .Gov.Ng Domain Registration  All websites/portal of government constituents at all levels (Federal, State, and Local governments) or specialized projects of government that would last for 18 months or more are required to register on  .GOV.NG  zone. NOTE: There are two ways to register a .GOV.NG domain name. You can either send a written application to National Information Technology Development Agency(NITDA) or Nigeria Internet […]

21Sep, 2016


Cyber Security refers to the technology, processes and practices employed in the protection of an organizations’ networks, computers, applications and resources from an attack damage or unauthorized access. It ensures that access to an organization’s infrastructure as well as resources are properly guarded. Recently, there is a huge rise in the volume and sophistication of the cyber threat environment. To be able to combat the increasing […]

21Sep, 2016

the big “S” in https that stands for secuirty – SSL

SSL What is the difference between http and https? The main difference between http:// and https:// is, It’s all about keeping you secure with SSL- secure socket layer  HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and the S(big surprise) stands for “Secure Socket Layer”: SSL Websites that deal with sensitive user data such as bio data, credit/debit card transaction or even client basic info are […]

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