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08Aug, 2018


Hi, I’m Philomena it’s amazing to have you here today and like we
have been doing, we would be having another interesting topic or rather a
striking question we might need urgent answers to CAN I DO WEB
Well, I guess this question sounds interesting and at the same time it
should have an interesting answer [laughs]. So, let’s get going as to
knowing whether we can host a site on our own or not
However, the answer to the above question is YES you can host a
website on your computer on your own but in doing that there are things
you consider for it to be effective and meaningful. Some of these hints
1 LINUX: This is not the OS you can use to host a website but it is
among the popular should be noted that any Windows, Mac can
host a website. Here, all you need to do is to get a code that matches the
operating system and thereby ensuring the port on your website is
exposed. Hmmmm, Awesome i guess it’s that easy. And that takes us to
the second point which is:
2 STANDY COMPUTER: This simply means you would need an
always on computer/laptop that is your laptop or probably your desktop
won’t be good enough. You can find an old, cheap and affordable
computer/desktop and put it in a closet and making sure it’s on all the
time to enable you to perform your hosting without constraints.
Also, you will use a dynamic IP services. The IP address assigned to
your computer homes changes periodically that is within a period of
time which done by the ISP. However, dynamic IP addressing is less of
a security risk that is harder to attack a user [wow cool though]

Well, Hmmmm it sounds like you really may not want to spend the
money to host a site, [laughs] but you will take far more times setting up
the server networking right [awesome] or you just to pay up a couple of
money to an hosting company to help do that for you thereby easing you
the stress of doing it yourself.
Hope this helps, meanwhile, do not forget to drop your comments and
suggestions .until then see ya….

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