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16Sep, 2019


  Happy new week!!!!.. I hope we had a splendid weekend. Lately, the issue of Cpanel hike in price and Direct admin has been going everywhere and it is quite clear that some of us don’t understand how the Direct admin works. Well, today we will be talking about the benefit of Direct admin. Direct Admin is a graphical web-based designed to make administration of websites easier […]

NOTICE: Direct Admin As An Alternative To cPanel

A happy new month to you all!!!! It is a September to Remember season may the blessing of the month be our portion. Today we will be bringing to our notice the recent rise in the price of cPanel (cP)per ‘account billing‘, we have come up with an alternative route which is DirectAdmin(DM), as a company we aim to please our client as solving solution is our […]

14Aug, 2019

Common Online Errors And How To Identify Them.

Hello there, how was our Sallah break, I hope it was splendid, well mine was fun-filled let’s save the gist and talk about the todays’ topic. We will be discussing common internet errors and how to identify them. Let’s take a random domain say (note it must have been registered and hosted) there are cases where you encounter a variety of errors when accessing […]

08Aug, 2019


Hey!!!!!!!!!! Tofunmi is here again, I hope we have been good, I hope we are getting prepared for Salah (smiles). Let’s leave that gist for now and discuss today’s topic. We will be talking about something that is very simple but seems tricky to us and that is changing the PHP version and increasing the upload_max_size in the Cpanel. To change the PHP version in […]

How To Move WordPress File to the Public_Html

Hey!!!!!! It’s a beautiful Wednesday. I hope we have been learning from each article so far. The topic on our table is a really simple topic that many of us know but find it tricky and difficult to do in our Control Panel which is moving the files in wp folder to the public_html folder, to understand better instead of accessing my domain as ‘domain/wp’ […]

17Jul, 2019


Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to you all, so good to be here again, I hope your week went well. Today we will be talking about how to add subcontact to client account. Sub-Accounts are accounts that allow clients to create sub-users under their main account, which then allows that client to login, and carry out various actions that the main account holder has permitted them to. How […]

11Jul, 2019

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

Hey there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Thursday, I hope the week went well, for me it has been educating and I will be sharing part of what I learned this week and that is differentiating between HTTP and HTTPS. I hope you find this educating too.   HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol:  When you load your site with HTTP:// in your address bar in front of the domain, this […]

How to Delete The Under-construction Page

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!. so good to be here again….. I hope the week is going well. Today we will be talking about something really simple and might be tricking sometimes and that is Deleting the Underconstruction Page. The under-construction page is the page that displays when your site is visited, after propagation of your domain name. After hosting a new website the first thing you see on […]

19Jun, 2019

Features of the Cpanel (8)

Hi everybody so good to be here again, thanks for the comments and suggestions. Today we will be talking about something we all know very well and use almost all the time and that is Softaculous and WordPress. I hope you enjoy the article; Softaculous, as the name implies, is a spectacular module integrated into the Control Panel of many Linux hosting. It is the […]

12Jun, 2019

Features of the Cpanel(7)

Hey!!!!!! Good to be here…. it ‘s Democracy Day and am having lots of fun, I hope your day has been fun too. To spark, the rest of the day lets talk about the Advanced module and Preference Module in the Cpanel. I hope you grab something from this article after reading. Advanced:  The section functions for the advanced users. These modules include: Apache Handlers: […]