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17Jul, 2019


Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to you all, so good to be here again, I hope your week went well. Today we will be talking about how to add subcontact to client account.

Sub-Accounts are accounts that allow clients to create sub-users under their main account, which then allows that client to login, and carry out various actions that the main account holder has permitted them to.

How to Create a Sub-Account in the client area:

To create a sub-account, begin by creating or locating an existing client account. This can be done in the client area by going to Client Area > My Details > Contacts/Sub-Accounts.

Then to convert the contact into a sub-account, and therefore allow the contact to login, just tick the Sub-Account checkbox. Next enter a password and then tick the various options that you want to grant the sub-account permission to access. Below is a screenshot of the client area configuration screen for sub-accounts permission.

Register in the details:



After ticking this box “Tick to configure as a sub-account with client area access”, the permissions are enabled which is mostly self-explanatory but need some clarifications:

  • Change Password – this page can be accessed by all sub-accounts and allows them to change their own login password.
  • View & Manage Contacts – this allows access to view & edit all contact users belonging to the master account
  • Manage Domain Settings – this refers to being able to view & change nameservers, locking status, WHOIS information, etc…
  • View & Pay Invoices – this includes allowing access to the change credit card details page of the client area
  • Allow Single Signon – tick this option to allow the client to log in to a hosting account’s control panel via Single Sign-On (eg. cPanel).

It is important to note that multiple contacts can have the same email address when being used for email notifications only, but if activating them as a Sub-Account the email address must be unique since it will be used for the login.

I hope we will be able to create the subaccount with ease now. Please drop your comment, suggestions, and contributions in the box below.  Catch ya next week and enjoy your weekend.

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